Wedding of Steven Kwik & Eliza Tanadi

Steven and Eliza look like they come straight out of Korea fairytale. She is the perfect definition of feminine beauty – a fair skinned girl with mesmerizing smile and kind eyes. While he shares just the same good look and nature that made them such an ideal couple in everyone’s eyes.
While beauty is everything, love is innocent. And this sentiment rings true for this couple whose love for each other is as pure as it is innocent. As 2 persons who have known each other for a very long time, their affection for one another is something that is very admirable – for everytime they look at each other, it seems like brand new.
For Steven and Eliza, no other color is as fitting as the pure white itself. And we wasted no time in building them their love abode for the night by decorating it with endless white and green hues. The break of colors came in the properly placed vibrant colored flower bouquets and showers of colorful light settings that borrowed some warmth and elegance to the whole place.
The evening went smoothly as music serenaded the guests. With two top MCs in town, nothing could really go wrong for this celebration. And for that we thank you everyone who was involved in the making of our couple’s dream wedding a reality. Congratulations Steven and Eliza, thank you for teaching us love knows no expiration date!
Vendors :
Wedding Planner : The PRIME Event Planner
Photography : Ade Jo Pictures
Decoration : De Lavender
Venue : JW Marriot Hotel – Medan