Wedding of Yohanes Tandean & Valencia Tanu


The wedding of Yohanes and Valencia is one of our most favorite yet. Maybe there’s something about this couple that is really sweet, loving and just relatable. But it could also be attributed to their super stylish and intimate wedding party that we prepared for them.


Love was in the air that night as we stepped into a room of fabulous oriental style decoration, romantic lighting and totally elegant ambiance. We styled the place with a modern touch in the form of classic furniture, silky red ceiling, flowery wallpaper and real flower arrangement in all the right places.


There’s something to be said about small to medium-scale celebration. It’s that your wedding too can be perfect, regardless of the scale. All you need is the right elements brought into it, amped to the max, and prepared with extra attention in mind. We believe that every wedding is grand, and that you deserve the best on the most special day of your life. Whatever the size of your wedding is, start confidently. Start with us!