Wedding of Wandy & Kie Angela Savitri


If you follow us closely on Instagram where we shared the pictures from Angela and Wandy’s wedding, you’d know one for sure : Angela shares a super close and fun relationship with her parents. Being with Angela’s family in the same room is almost similar with being on a family comedy drama, where her friendly father endlessly joked and messed with her. Anyone can immediately tell, her parents were simply over the moon over the wedding. And their love for Angela continues to show by how they treat Wandy – now their son in law. Angela and Wandy themselves are equally cheerful people. Not a second went by without them showing each other the purest and most genuine love expressions. It’s so obvious that these lovebirds only have eyes and hearts set on each other. It was a grand wedding and a super joyous one indeed. Everyone gathered and lost themselves in moments of fun, joining hands to celebrate this amazing couple. We can definitely say that Angela was the happiest lady in the room, and she will continue to be as long as she has Wandy by her side. We’d also like to use this opportunity to thank Wandy again for his generosity. And not just from us, I think every vendor including decorator, photographer and the hotel also has their share of gift from him. As a way to appreciate our hard work, we want to thank you again for this token of gratitude. The pleasure, was all ours

Vendors :
Photography : Sheerss
Decoration : De Lavender
Venue : JW Marriot Hotel Medan