Wedding of Stella Shen & Surya


How do you plan a wedding for someone who is truly artistic and always about #aestheticgoals? If you don’t know yet, Stella is our hometown’s couture designer who is renowned for her beautiful gown work. Check out her instagram and you would know just what kind of talent she’s bringing and you won’t be disappointed.

And we vowed to not disappoint her as well! For her wedding, we went all out with the decoration by injecting a dose of high-end fashion world for inspiration. Starting from the foyer, we brought in her own walk-in wardrobe world adorned with tasteful and abstract-like sketches. The glamorous vibes went up a notch as the hanging floral and crystal filled the ceiling.

Another highlight was the glass case where Stella could display her amazing work. Later on, she and Surya would pose inside this glass box for a memory of a lifetime. We’re in tears! Similar vibes followed inside the venue with their names plastered on the floor and stage ,down to the little details such as menu card.

We also played with the Broadway musical theme as Stella became the star of the night, playing her own musical instrument, singing and dancing with her prince. The whole thing was just pure entertainment on a totally different level. It’s safe to say, we nailed it, but everything was made possible because of the collaborative couple and our solid teamwork.

At the end of the day, we’re eternally thankful for this experience. What an accomplishment it was for everyone involved. This wedding is going down as one of our best ones for sure.