Wedding of Sunli Fattah & Betharia Rusli


Never a boring day with us in the wedding world. For Sunlie and Betharia, we challenged ourselves with something unique. Since they love everything unique. Whatever our couple wants, our couple always gets!


Other than their lovely holy matrimony in the morning which we closed of successfully, we are proud to share this amazing night reception in every way possible. First off, there’s the decoration we named “ The Symmetry Line” as theme.


Inspired by the Gatsby, the geometric shape of triangle dimension was combined with interesting props, such as the upside down champagne glasses. Lots of line structures made with unique transparent glasses were present in the foyer to give out an entirely different feel of the room. We also decorated the ceiling to the max with exclusive and elegant touch of crystal drops, flowing fabrics and bright lighting. An extra romantic touch was displayed in the rows of enchanting garden, right in front of the walkway that displayed their wedding pictures.


We also put in a dramatic stage that came to live with light technology. This simple idea completely works spotlights into something that’s totally mind-blowing. We’re talking about blinding lights, colors, and elegance happening all at once!


The glitz and glamor we presented for this couple may have ended, but the memory will last forever.