Wedding of Monica Hedyanta Bukit & Ferry Dwitama Putra


Not trying to blow our own horns, but Chinese wedding is not our only expertise. The truth is, our love for events also include other cultures and different types of events. But don’t take our words for it, let Monica and Ferrys we’dding be an example of how we prepared a Batak wedding of a lifetime.


Like the usual, the morning started with blessing ceremony to officiate our couple. The holy matrimony took place in a church which we had the honor to decorate. White-petals covered aisle, floral-decked seats, to white-drapery cloth for the high ceilings, the theme we picked for Ferry and Monica was simple yet epic in its own way. The color combination was as a callback to the main orange center of the white chapel, which explained why we picked the soothing peach rose and white rose combined with white lily for a perfectly infused atmosphere for our couple.


The wedding of Monica and Ferry also went to another level during the evening. We’re talking about The 1st Ever Handing Rigging Stage in Medan with crystal chandelienders ornaments and blinding lights on the center stage. We also experimented with LED flooring for that extravagant effect on the foyer, first of its kind!


All around the flowery corridors, we picked red and white as the color theme based on their request. The gracious and elegant white paired with fiery red, was a symbol of their soft yet passionate sides. More fine details on full blast, including the gorgeous food stalls on strategic spots to accommodate all the guests at the back. It’s not easy, but we pulled it off once again. Thanks to Ferry and Monica for entrusting and allowing us with our vision, you guys truly rocked!