Wedding of Kiki & Angela


Our bride, Angela, has always loved the marine and the cute dolphins in particular. To satisfy her dream, this wedding is all about aquatic experience that was as realistic as it can be. We had a chance to play with LED technology to the fullest, work with decoration in ways we never did before and deliver power performance by none other than Project Pop group!

Equipped with LED technology that projected dolphin animation, the stage was alive with the oceanic castle deep underneath the water. Hanging jellyfish were put up elegantly to complement the screen and add the depth to the atmospheric venue.

Our VVIP table was set up in minimalistic style, but still glowed in all its simplicity. We love the floating blue ribbons as a callback to the color of the sea. The walkway was also specially presented as we requested a curvy and glassy path to represent the flows of water.

Out the ballroom, the foyer and entrance was filled with white balloons all around, coming alive under the warm lighting. This was symbolic to bubblelicious under-the-sea theme that we applied consistently throughout.

Last but not least, a pretty cake adorned with a set of dolphins, joined together to explore the waters for life. Flowers topped off the cake as a wish for everything beautiful in their journey.

We went all out in bringing the Underwater Fantasy theme to reality, it’s not a small task-but thankfully our technology-friendly vendors could translate everything we wanted to life. The LED floor and wall in the stage and foyer was flawless, the details in decorations were totally effective, and the event was nothing less than successful.

Still, we like to think that our event planner is not just about concept, machines, or parties. Prime is about dedication, hard work, professionalism, passion and above all, LOVE. This is a tribute to love, this is the celebration of Kiki and Angela.