Wedding of Herman Susanto & Willys


An artwork in detail, slide into this decoration we worked for Herman and Willys. The basic concept is simple, something dreamy, elegant and chic with floral. But we executed it just so that the overall ambiance was heightened with pure luxury.

As the guests walked down the glass corridor, we put in mirroring effect to maximize the natural vibes in soft white and green accent. The foyer was decorated in glamorous flower arrangement covering every inch of the space. We went with white, green and silver to up the touch to the fullest.

The mood inside the venue is rather colorful with golden, red and pink added in, giving warmth to the evening. The stage looked simple yet chic, especially when we added in the glittering stars animation for that magical effect. You could still see that flowers played a dominant role, working in combination as a stunning touch that brought the whole place to life.