Wedding of Fredi & Maleeva


Fredi and Maleeva took their friends and families through millions constellation of lights, across the center of galaxy, and placed them on a whole of new universe. Simply said, it’s a spectacular ride that was a result of careful planning, hard work, and major love.

There’s an immediate sense of different dimension when guests stepped into the ballroom, much like a portal to another world. You’d soon gravitate to the center of this galaxy, a bar beaming under chandelier of glistening lights. It’s where we served drinks as the highlight of the venue.

Last but not least, the maximum effects wouldn’t be completed without the constellations of lights that represented Fredi and Maleeva. The meeting of their souls, a Pisces and Aries, were drawn all over the ballroom and guests were taken on their journey of love, one twinkling light at a time.