Wedding of Felix & Prinka


This good looking couple is made of Prinka and Felix. Prinka came all the way from Bandung, so we made sure to let her feel welcome and at ease because we know just how stressful it could be planning a wedding in a place that you haven’t known so well. This lovely bride was very easy to work with, and Felix too is a gentleman that is welcoming and friendly.


Like usual, we let Prinka spent her moment privately with her parents that morning, followed with series of ceremonial events that were filled with meanings and happiness. Before we knew it, it’s time for the evening reception and both of them were more than ready to finalize their union as husband and wife.


Modern and elegance was the theme of the night as our bride took the center stage to have her first dance we arranged for her. We loved the decoration that night which was kept to the simple, but has an ambiance of understated elegance written all over the venue. As they both danced the night away, we are happy to say that it is going to be one unforgettable moment before the beginning of the rest of their lives together. For all the honor and trust, we thank you both.