Wedding of Divan Thomas & Effie Halim


Say hello to Divan the groom, a man of style and taste in everything fine and detailed. Being an interior designer, we guess it’s a part of his job to bring the extra level in presentation and deliver beyond expectation.


The bar was set high for us, since the beginning. Divan and Effie the bride, had picked the minimalist-meets-modern theme. Nothing too crazy, we supposed. But how did we pull something off with such a common theme, and still wow Divan and Effie? We knew that we definitely had our work cut out for us.


Luckily, Divan liked our ideas. For the venue, we proposed something entirely different. An elevated version for the outdoor style party, an architecture of magical city with stylish and dreamy vibes, “Pandora Dream” had dreamy, stylish and modern written all over it. We constructed this design, styled it with mementos from the bride and groom, lost of flower details and painted it white, so that everything came alive in the night.


To bring the mood in, fireworks of all sizes were brought in, lots and lots of it. Guests got to take part, parents too, in welcoming our couple’s entrance. The party continued with standing guests, chattering, enjoying, eating and drinking the night away. As it ended with a bang, literally, in the sky – we bid this couple goodnight and thanked them sincerely for such a treat. What a night, what a couple indeed!