Wedding of David Cassidy & Shirley


The union of David and Shirley was a wonderful journey from two colorful souls merge into one. As the day rolled out, both sides of preparation went smoothly with laughters and cheers. And we knew, it’s going to be a good day. The morning ceremony went splendidly as everyone got ready to their best selves for the evening The night began early as our couple started the evening of their lives, but not before taking in the breathtaking and amazing decoration created by DeLavender Decoration. Again, they have surpassed themselves this time. It’s entirely beautiful and the hall of Regale Medan was totally transformed, covered in showers of transparent crystals from ceiling to the floor. Combined with a rich color of deep blue, the whole thing came together for the most unforgettable night for the couple. It so happened that the traditional wedding date for the couple fell on the same day as the birthday of David’s father. They waited until the official wedding date, which was a day after, to celebrate it on stage. The well-coordinated birthday celebration just elevated the joy and happiness that enveloped the whole room.


We could foresee many blessings ahead for both David and Shirley. She is a demure and soft-spoken lady who complements David in many way. As a filial son, we just knew that David will do right by her, as he does with his family. All in all, congratulations again to this sweet couple. Thank you for the honor of letting The Prime organized your wedding

Vendors :
Candid : Sheerss
Decoration : DeLavender
Venue : Regale International Convention Centre
Invitation : Chamomile
Souvenir : Fine Souvenir
Hand bouquet : Coppelia
Mini Orchestra : Shine Music
Artist : Lidya Leung , Deddy Chen, Veranica Qing, Vincent Wagner, Didi Biola
MC : Freddy Kesuma & Ranie Tarigan
Cake : Chivalry