Wedding of Habinsaran Novandi Siswoko Sijabat,ST & Amelya Grecia Parhoesip, SE


Binsar and Grecia met at the best place you can ask for – the house of God, the church of GPIB Medan. Both were merely high schoolers back then, but the early start was just the beginning of their long relationship. As they both matured into the working world after pursuing higher education, Binsar and Grecia had to part ways. She went to Jakarta for work, while he stayed behind, but not for long. Binsar soon was able to find a job at Bogor a year after. The distance was shortened, and their love strengthened. In her eyes, Binsar is a reliable and humble man. He may not be the lovey dovey type and likes to mess around with her, but Grecia wouldn’t want it any other way. Similarly, Binsar loves just how honest and down-to-earth Grecia is.


To him, her inner beauty is the thing that shines the most in his eyes. We simply love how their story unfolds after over 10 years in time and the celebration was as merry as it was memorable. We opened the wedding with traditional Batak dances that are elegant, interesting and totally beautiful. As in all weddings, Binsar & Grecia’s too includes family members who cheer them on regardless of anything. We’d like to thank the couple and their whole family for their support and love. It has sustained not only Binsar and Grecia separately, but also their long relationship. Congratulations again you two!



Vendors :

Photography : Sheerss
MUA : Stephanie Young
Decoration : De lavender
Venue : JW Marriot – Medan