Wedding of Benny & Susanty


Being in the wedding industry so long, we’re accustomed to seeing loving couples and it’s always a heavenly sight for us. Benny and Susanti is just another example of how pure chemistry and relationship should be. Being a tough and rather shy guy that he is, Benny can definitely rely on Susanti for support, understanding and affection.


The wedding for the couple was an elegant one which took place in one of the five stars hotel in town. Decked in gorgeous and amazing floral decorations that were lavish as they were elegant, we brought the grand ballroom to a new height of sophistication through the help of Pretty Blossom Decor.


As the evening rolled into declaration of love, fancy entertainment, and a happy dinner for guests, we want to thank this couple again for having us in such an important milestone of their lives. May you both continue to shine and glimmer like you both did on your wedding night.


Decoration : Pretty Blossom Decor

Wedding Gown : Hian Tjen

MUA : Exjo Salon

Cinematography : Moxquitto

Candid : Sheerss | Bobby Wongso

Venue : JW Marriott Medan