Wedding of Anthony Djono & Pamela Hung


A bride so fair, wedded to a man so rare- and they live happily ever after.


But not before having their wedding celebrated in the finest and most modern way possible with us! Meet Anthony and Pamela, a couple of good looking peeps whom we had the honor of their wedding planning.


The morning started as Anthony’s friends gathered to send him off to pick up his bride. Meanwhile, we had already organized just equally warm and intimate moments for Pamela, both with her parents and bridesquads. It’s more than just for pictures too, because in those moments, she got to really enjoy their company for the very last time before she’s officially a Mrs!


As morning rolled into evening, a classy venue awaited along with the thousand lights arrangement. We brought in rows of decorative bulbs, hanging pearls, and carpet of white flowers to bring out the room to the fullest. For the final touch, dry ice were incorporated to create that magical walking-on-the-cloud during the entrance.


There were important guests in the room, all friends and families who supported, loved and celebrated them as a couple. When the last note was sung, and smiles turned to goodbye, we’re happy to have escorted this couple into their blissful married life.