Wedding of Andrew & Florentina


What makes a great wedding? How do you define a successful wedding? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?


As a professional wedding planner for almost a decade now, we’d say that the success of a wedding is truly client-specific and there’s no exact secret formula to the best wedding reception there is. The world of wedding demands are ever changing too, there are trends involved, but ultimately people also want a touch of timeless, classic and eternally-fresh to their wedding.


If the answer falls short of your expectation, fret not because therein lies the beauty of wedding planning. You, as the couple, get to have 100% say in creating your own dream wedding. Whether it’s a small intimate one or a grand magnificent event, the sky is the limit here. Nowadays, gone are the perception of a certain bar of the perfect wedding, which makes wedding planning that much more exciting!


We always encourage couple to talk to one another, discuss with us and get involved in the making of their dream wedding. Because a wedding planning is a very enjoyable right, all you need is a reliable transport and trusted companion. The rest is creativity, expertise and dedication- all of the things that make your one vision comes true. All of the things that we, Prime EO, live for.


Hope you enjoy our another successful wedding for Andrew & Florentina. And looking forward to crafting your own version of the best wedding ever.


Vendors :
Wedding Planner : The PRIME Event Planner
Photography : Brideson22 Andre
Decoration : Fuchsia Decoration
Venue : Wisma Benteng Restaurant