Wedding of Binsar & Mullista


Here is a couple who wants one theme in their wedding : classic.


Binsar and Mullista adore everything classic, from their taste, style, to even their house architecture. We always love working with couples who give us freedom with wedding themes, but also excited for the challenge of living up to their expectation.


With that mission in mind, we waste no time and design an elegant looking foyer where showers of pure white floral decorations dominated the hall. Since an all-white theme might get too overpowering, the mix of colorful petals and twinkling glass floor made the perfect hallway to add the superb ambiance. Along with grand looking pillars laced in gold patterns and crown-shaped entrance, Mullista stood out like the queen of the day that she was.


To us, the ambiance to your wedding is essential to set the mood, and not just for the guests but for the couple as well. Binsar is a camera-shy guy, but being in the limelight with such positivity just worked out well for him and Mullista too! All in all, we’re happy to have been able to carry out the mission for them. Congrats you two!



Wedding Planner : The PRIME Event Planner
Photography : Ade Jo Pictures
Decoration : Pretty Blossom
Venue : JW Marriot – Medan