Minna Padi 5th Anniversary “The Greatest Showman”


Sharing with you an oldie but goodie from our client’s anniversary event. We feel honored to have the trust of Minna Padi as the business planner of their extraordinary yearly celebration, including their 5th Anniversary “The Greatest Showman” theme-party from 2 years back!

Yes, this classic circus setup is still just amazing to look at today as it was back then. Check out the LED-powered stage and ballroom in the signature red-blue-white color. You’ll feel the vibe of this favorite movie right from the foyer, with violet curtain drapes, small light bulbs, and flower-glass walkway.

Guests were welcomed to help themselves with popcorns from the cart, or take a selfie with their favorite character (Ours is definitely Lettie!). Don’t be surprised to see some magic boxes, drawings, chandeliers and more, we purposely let the props out to spice up the vibes. When guests were done marvelling, there’s already the on-point photobooth waiting for them. This crowded setting offered aesthetic, details, and of course, tribute to the beloved movie.