Minna Padi Aset Manejemen 4th Anniversary – Medan Branch


One word to describe this project? EPIC.


Minna Padi Aset Manajemen has always been a good client of ours. We’ve had the honor of handling their annual event ever since their 1st anniversary. This time, it’s their 4th time along and the challenge was getting higher and higher each year!


However, equipped with imagination and a dedicated team, it’s safe to say that this year, this finance company partied down with a huge bang, Harry Potter style.


Living all the tasks on our hands, it’s up to us to come up with the big picture to the smallest details. And, we definitely worked super hard for this. The preparation itself took months, with many rechecks and final trials that went on for days.


Still, all hard work paid off when we stepped inside the place where Hogwarts came alive. The  adventure began as guests entered into the platform ¾ where Hogwarts Express awaited, taking you straight to the Ollivanders for your wand purchase of the day. Psst, we even got the Butter Beer, The Sorting Hat, Dobi and more!


Thanks to the wonderful MCs of the night – Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, the entertainment went smoothly with fire dances and the diva herself- Ruth Sahanaya. Simply magical.
This leaves just one more question for us and that is “ What can next year bring?”. The answer to that is  “ we too, can’t wait to find out.”


Vendors :

Planner : The PRIME Event Planner

Decorator : Pretty Blossom

Photography : Hardy Chen & Bobby Wongso