Dhanawibawa Sekuritas Customer Appreciation Trip – Alila Shanghai


This is one of our most ambitious projects yet. One we simply have to share because of its scale and level of dedication.

Back in May 2018, we were trusted for a Corporate Project by our client Dhanawibawa Security. No, it’s not an event or a business gathering. It’s a Customer Appreciation Trip to Shanghai.

The master idea was Hospitality Service from Prime & Itinerary Management. This includes 100% itinerary planning, made professionally and accurately easy to follow. Since H-6, these customers became our only focus. We took care of them from their flight, airport transport, meal, shopping sessions, and entertainment later on at Alila Shanghai.

Bringing a touch of oriental that fitted our theme in Alila Anji, Shanghai. It was an intimate yet professional gathering in a venue that was set with modern and classy style. This is totally far from your normal business evening, because we wanted that really personal feel to let the customers know the extent and level of dedication.

Looking back, this project was almost impossible to pull. Back home in Medan or other cities in Indonesia, we are always able to handle everything with ease and confidence. But bringing a project out of the country where language barrier was just one of the challenges, it was tough and at times we doubted ourselves. Still, we did it! This goes to show how much success is possible if you put into effort, hardwork and brain into it.