80th Birthday of Madam Sun Siu Lien


Any birthday is important, but an 80th birthday is the real deal in Chinese culture.


On her 80th birthday, a special celebration was definitely cooking for our queen of the moment, Madam Sun Siu Lien. As the matriarch in her family, her sons, daughters, grandchildren and all was ready to give her the party of a lifetime. And it began with us as the party planner.


While focusing on oriental theme, we wanted to bring a certain element of modern and elegance into the whole venue. We also wanted to let the guests in on what a fine lady and rich life Madam Sun has lived. For the decoration, we packed on a lot of red and gold colors, with a walk down memory lane through the gallery containing her pictures from different era. The photobooth consisted of her favorite collectibles, all ready to give insight to her character. Last but not least, many symbolical elements were present too, from the peach decoration to other ornamental symbols.


As for the entertainment, we are also on full blast. All her family were wearing matching colors and dress code, went up on stage to sing her a special song. When the cake cutting began, we let the surprise out of the bag by bringing her favorite granddaughter out from the backstage. Followed with amazing singing performances from our lineups, it was a night to remember for all no doubt- but most especially, to our birthday girl.