Wedding Cake Sensation: Delicious Drip Cakes

The drip cake is a popular alternative to traditional white tiered cake. Until recently, agate and geode cakes were among the most popular cakes. Although they resemble traditional cakes, drip cakes add a pop of color using glaze and icing.

This type of decoration adds contrast to traditional icing, makes the cake look more fun. Those who adore frosting and look for original design will enjoy this new popular design.

Drip cakes can adapt to different themes and venues as well. They will go with rustic backyard-themed weddings and modern chic venues. Using the right decorations, they will also go with the oceanfront reception. Adjusting the color and the design of the cake with the wedding theme is simple as ever.

These delicious cakes also come in a variety of options when it comes to icing and topping. You can consider chocolate ganache, flowing mountain and trickling caramel.

With drip cakes, you can play with a wide variety of themes and decorations, including flora and fauna. These tasty creations are often done with watercolor motifs as well. They will please those who prefer rustic chic.

You might think of drip cakes as edgy and funky. But, they can also take a luxury form for those looking for elegant designs. If your wedding is luxurious and over-the-top, contrasting golden topping with a white icing will give a glamorous effect you are looking for.

A subtle, golden drip can even take a formal shape while adding a hint of youthful sass to a wedding cake. This design will please those who love chic and elegant, but discreet and clean designs. This kind of design will reflect a bride of refined taste that still has a fun personality.

Golden topping combined with neutral flowers and barely noticeable icing will truly make a cake that reflects a personality of a uniquely artistic and creative bride. This rustic design will complement a variety of themes and venues. From luxury to rustic and vintage, it will give a modern touch to traditional themes. On the other hand, you can also combine it with modern themes.

Topped with golden drips and decorated with macarons, this is one of designs that blend luxury and elegance with warm and soft motifs. Though unusual, this design will complement an elegant wedding theme without making it too formal and cold. Instead, it will bring a fun and spontaneous vibe to a most joyful day of your life.

The new cake design had become an internet sensation. These cakes are made by dripping ganache or glaze on top of the cake to create the dribbling effect. The result of this process is a delicious-looking cake made to impress both the eye and the palate.

Drip cakes are best made using several layers of sponge towers. The sponge is then topped with different types of toppings. Different toppings include decorations with flowers, fruits, chocolate bars and macarons.

Those who are skilled enough could make these cakes at home. But, your wedding cake requires elegance and precision you can only find at a good baker. A skillful baker will drip ganache along the edge of the cake. They will do it in such a meticulous way, that will make it hard to believe that it was done manually. After achieving perfect drips, they will later spill the rest of ganache on the top of the cake. They will then smoothen it with a palette knife.

After this, a variety of tasty decorations can be applied to make the cake look chic, original and unique.

Drip cakes come in a variety of styles, but also in a variety of shapes. You can choose a large cake with multiple tiers, double or triple tiers, as well a single-tiered cake. Also, you can choose an original design that combines different shapes and sizes for an elegant and original effect.