Minimalist Wedding: Simple Elegance for a Strong Aesthetic Impact

Minimalism is increasing in its popularity in all areas of life, including wedding decor. It offers simple and stress-free environment design to all those who feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety of everyday life.

When it comes to wedding decor, paying attention to numerous elements and details can be complicated and tiring. The core idea behind minimalist weddings is the beauty of simplicity. This, however, doesn’t mean that minimalistic decor is plain, empty or boring. As you will see, minimalist wedding decor is equally or even more aesthetically pleasing, original and rich as the other styles are. The difference is in the fact that minimalism obeys the guideline that ’less is more’, using all necessary elements in a way that allows them to fully shine.

If you decide to go for a minimalistic decor, you should think towards using several key elements as focal points and allowing them to stand out. Currently, popular minimalist wedding trends include designs and fabrics that are clean, simple and natural. Often, decor pieces made of plowed wood, distressed wood or metal, as well as vintage pieces, are used in a meticulous way to both stand out and allow bride and groom to be a center of attention.

Elements that are specific for minimalistic decor include white, often geometric, wedding cakes, spacious venues and simple, elegant wedding dresses. Tablescapes are often designed in a simple way, using white plates combined with romantic, floral pieces. Calligraphy is a feature often used with cards and invites.

There are several types of minimalist wedding decors that are commonly used:

Organic minimalism combines clean

White base with the accent of luscious greenery. Though extremely simplified, this kind of decor brings a fresh breath of peace and serenity to a wedding reception. It is often a more budget-friendly option than the other types of decor. It features live, organic greenery used as decor on the white and wooden basis. If done properly, this kind of decor can be beautiful, original and no less classy than any other elegant wedding. To achieve this, make sure that your wedding planner and photographer are familiar with minimalist wedding concept.

Industrial minimalism combines urban

Contemporary decor pieces with rustic chic elements. If you are looking for a modern design that still has a traditional touch, industrial minimalism is the right choice for you. Distressed, metal chairs, tablescapes that are clean and simple with a few rustic accents, are a testimony of a couple’s artistic and refined taste.

Modern minimalism experiments with different shapes and textures

It prefers a combination of different neutral shades and colors, often with a white base. Adding wood or brass will freshen the decor and provide interesting accents. Also, carefully chosen floral and green arrangements will give a pop of color and prevent the theme from coming out too cold and sterile. Feel free to play with the geometry and textures of sculptural details, chairs, and decorations.