Get your Champagne Glasses Ready! B’cos a Good Toast is on its Way!

What’s the best wedding toast you have ever heard? Did you hear it live? Or did you hear it somewhere in a movie?

Have you ever come to realize that most of the time the speech itself is just another thank-you speech? What makes it so long-lasting is actually the sentiment behind and the warm emotions that it stirred.

And if you wonder, who gives wedding toasts?
Here’s the order of how and who usually does the speaking:

1. The best man toasts the bride.
2. The maid/matron of honor toasts the groom.
3. The wedding host/financier (traditionally the father of the bride) toasts the couple.
4. Other parental figures of the couple toast the couple.
5. The couple toasts their family and guests.

Now you wonder how to give an impressive on? Well, stop focusing on impressing and start focusing on how to write a beautifully heartfelt one.

1. Be sincere. Speak from the heart and include meaningful words in your speech. Yes you can put in jokes for all you want, but remember to keep the speech genuine.

2. Speak calmly. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. As soon as you get the crowd’s attention, honor that and be present and enjoy it no matter how nervous you get.

3. Have manner. Don’t forget to raise your glass during and sip on your champagne after your toast. Otherwise, it’s just another regular speech!