Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel Extravagant

Organizing an unforgettable wedding may seem like a difficult task at first, but once you combine your creativity and imagination, you will get the wedding of your dreams. With some effort and simple tricks, your wedding will leave a lasting impression. There is no need to spend a lot of money in order to make your wedding feel extravagant. Instead of investing in expensive pieces, you should focus on a few focal points. All you need is to capture that feeling of luxury and your vision will come to life. Here are 5 ideas how to glam up your wedding and impress the guests.

Set the scene with stunning backdrop

Ceremony backdrop is one of the first things your guests see, so why wouldn’t you stun them the moment they set foot in your ceremony space? Whether you opt for a big, extravagant flower backdrop or for some modern construction, the key ingredient is to be unique. A jaw-dropping background will set the scene for your special moment. It will give the setting a truly glamorous feel and your guests will be dazzled.

Put the emphasis on flower arrangements

Flowers are one of the key elements of every wedding. Craft a perfect wedding tablescape and it will go a long way in bringing liveliness to the table. Putting a beautiful flower arrangement and maybe even throwing a few crystals around it, will take the look of your venue to a whole different level. Glamorous tablescapes will leave your guests stunned. You can go for all white flower arrangements, which are more affordable, but still give that luxe look. Remember that there is beauty in simplicity.

Evoke romance with candles

A wedding is a celebration of love, and nothing says romance more than a room lit with candle light. When the night falls, and the light gets dimmed, simple white candles will cast a soft glow. They don’t even have to be real candles, realistic flameless candles can do the trick. You can put them on each table so the guests can enjoy the atmosphere which exudes romance. Arrange them all over the venue and you will evoke that unforgettable fairytale feeling.

Have a cocktail reception

Who wouldn’t like to have a few visually pleasing nibbles before the main course? A cocktail reception will keep your guests entertained and satisfied. However, focus on a beautiful display rather on loads of food. If you wish to create a chic impression, present the food in an eye-catching way. Graceful butlers in tuxedos offering delicious appetizers will seem more high-end than a bunch of dishes on a buffet table.

Indulge the senses with chocolate fondue

There is no bigger satisfaction than a taste of delicious melted chocolate. By adding a few chocolate fountains and strawberries on the side, you will awake the hedonist in every guest. You can also add glasses of champagne aside, to complete the image of luxurious enjoyment. Just imagine enjoying indulgent chocolate fondue and sipping sparkling champagne. Who can resist to that?