Wedding of Suryadi & Imelda


Suryadi and Imelda is a couple with unique preference when it comes to wedding decoration. They love for things to be out of the box, clean minimalist feel that is not dominated with heavy details. Instead, they prefer simple linear and curvy flows that speak of cozy modern vibes.

The wall with our couple’s names was also a special design to add romance to the air. We played with golden color for the classy and luxurious atmosphere, which still felt contemporary and far from old at all. Imelda herself loves the marble element. With its luxe patterns of granites, we implemented this elegant touch in the foyer area, complete with just the right amount of flower arrangements.

More modern settings were present in the entrance pathway, as the stylish structure adorned with flowers reminded you of how futuristic and millennial the whole look was. We also experimented with the stage as the giant backdrop came alive with soft and fluid decoration. We wanted to give some kind of a surreal feeling in the center, drawing attention in the most artistic way.