Wedding of Kelvin Herandius & Irene Hartanto


They say follow your passion and you won’t have to work a day in your life. You will be motivated by your vision, which will drive you to all the destinations of your dream in life.


Well, for us, our passion is clear, to serve wonderful clients like Kelvin and Irene. Sometimes we truly have the best of luck, because most of our clients are young couples who are not just loving to each other, but also so genuinely fun and great to work with.


Kelvin and Irene are just such people, they’re friendly bubbly peeps who spread positivity, including every time when they visited us. We love the fact they were so cooperative and involved during the preparation until the D day, but also trusted us with the planning and execution.


For them, the decoration and details we created was a special one. With a theme we called “ Octagonal Orchestra”, enjoy seeing a collection of geometric fantasies come to alive. It was present on the stage, foyer gazebo to the tiny details in menu card that we designed.


The eight-sided shape is symbolic to infinity, renewal, transition and all the positive virtues a couple can relate to in a marriage. Once we get the idea of the concept, we pour our hearts into bringing it to the most flawless reality. Added in some romantic surprises from the groom and his best men, there you have it – the most perfect wedding of a lifetime.