Wedding of Jeffry Hidayat & Henny Halim


The first impression on Jeffry and Henny made us love them right away. Always the happy and cheerful pair, Jeffry is super affectionate to his bride and never one to shy away from showing his love. We knew in the instant that something intimate would fit them just right. For that reason, we went with rustic theme – a popular theme that has proven to be a favorite and dreamy at the same time. We also designed the special flower bouquet and wedding cake just for them.


We are not the only busy ones in their wedding, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen also pulled off a magnificent work in helping out this couple. It’s true what they said, that the success of an event is only measured by the love and support that people show for you. And we are surely most thankful to have seen such amazing display of friendship that day.


As the night drew to an end, Jeffry and Henny performed their wedding dance and shared a kiss while they are at it. With flying confettis, blinding lights, audience cheering and the romantic serenade “At Last” playing from Etta James, it’s another successful send-off for this beautiful couple from us.