Wedding of Herry Tanadi & Stefany Cecilia


Konnichiwa! How would you like to be taken on a Japanese experience all happening in one excellent venue? Let’s first meet our couple, Herry and Stefany.


The first thing you have to know about them is that they are crazy fun people, as evident by the hilarious bride pick-up that we had in the morning ceremony. Both squad were all out and didn’t hold back when it came to having fun! The next thing is, Stefany is a serious Japan lover which explains why she wanted us to bring a Sakura land as her wedding theme.


For the main stage, we picked a subtle Japanese theme decorated with pretty blooms and Japan’s wavy patterns in vivid colors. Meanwhile, the elegant walkway was dotted with heavenly illuminating lights and floral art. The photobooth was also a success with 1.220 handcrafted origami paper cranes as a symbol of a wish comes true, and pretty paper umbrellas.


Last but not least, check out our gorgeous floral ikebana centerpiece and Japanese hand-art paper decorations all over the place. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful set-ups we’ve ever managed! MCs were also wearing matching Japanese costumes to get the mood going.


More fun continued on the evening as both MCs hosted full entertainment that made for an unforgettable ”Japanese” night for all. For all your trust in us, we truly had to say ”Arigatougozaimashita” to Herry and Stefany once again!