Wedding of David & Jessica Jap


It has been one of the most hectic wedding seasons we’ve ever experienced yet, but we’d be lying if we say we didn’t enjoy it. On the contrary, it’s been such a productive week that we’re immensely satisfied and pumped up as days passed us by!

Recently, we’ve been busy with giving the bride team everything a girl can dream of – the most perfect wedding. It’s such a pleasure to see brides going all out on their bride’s reception, not shying away from making their day truly counts. Case in point, Jessica Yap and David on her side of reception.

Jessica is a stunner, someone who walks in the room and be instantly loved. Not only because she’s a gorgeous person physically, but she has that personality that just makes you adore her. Perhaps even Rossa, the guest singer we invited for her, felt that too. They even collaborated in singing a duet which wowed the crowd. But we have to say that it’s Jessica’s sweet surprise song for the groom that did it for us. Such a sweet moment!

For someone as special as Jessica, we brought everything she had wished for in a wedding. She loves the forest theme, so we moved mountains ( or forests) to please her. Playing with technology and LED has been our thing lately, so her wedding was a chance for us to experiment more! Happy to say that the result has been very well-received and mind-blowing.

Check out our rendition of Enchanting Forest for Jessica. A magical and mystical place that brings you nature in all its glorious form – greens, flowers, colors, waters, vibes, and everything in between.